Who we are


Luke Looijen

Luke Looijen

Producer - Art Director

“This is what you need”. He will tell you what the essence of your wish is and how we will turn it into the best possible outcome. A good story with a solid concept and stunning looks.

Jesse van Leur

Jesse van Leur

Producer - Director

“Is this what you are looking for? He will make sure that everything you need and prefer is understood and will present you with the results of our work through a thought out process”.


Developing the idea, concept and style in a day would be disrespectful to your brand, we use this process to deliver the best.


This is where we establish contact and have meetings to make sure that we fully understand your wishes. Also, we provide input to help you see the big picture. Now we decide if we will work together and set up a thorough planning and project structure.
We present a concept with visual support and make sure that we adjust the things that better fit your idea. After adjustments, everyone knows what we are going to create. This prevents struggles in later phases.
The concept is turned into a script with a visual style. A storyboard is made after approval on the script so that the whole story becomes visual. With this we can oversee every shot and everything is clear.
We start to create what will be the result of our project. Recording, visualisation, animation and programming are a art of this. You get frequent updates to follow the progress. Depending on the order, this can take some time..
A first version is ready to be presented. But that’s not it yet. Next, we finish the project by adding sound design, special effects and color adjustments. We deliver versions and the result is done! Thanks to our process we minimised the need of adjustments and delivered a great product!