impossible does not exist


How to capture a great idea. How to make the most of it and don’t let it fail. We can help.


The approach. How are we going to make people want to watch, understand and take action.


This will make the difference. The idea is what’s great, story is why people will love it.


A way to get a message out to the right people, a way to make sure that your work will be seen.


Let’s turn them into lures


Reaching that one of a kind idea is not an easy thing, but when you do it’s the start of something great and exiting! Teams will sometimes struggle for a solution. Some fresh input will stir things up.

With our way of working we dive deep into the core and we extract the key. By visualising it we will help you and your team to catch the idea and think about the best ways to continue this journey.

In a meeting we will listen deeply to your answers on tough questions and adjust to your preferred way of working. Finally we will share key points and turn the essence of the meeting into a solution.


The best way to reach results


A great idea will work because of something special, that special something needs to be translated to a good message. This is where most fail. They will deliver the message but won’t trigger action because of a missing link.

We turn your special something into a lure so people will understand, care and react to your message.


You have one. Let’s develop it.


Believe it or not, most of the time this is what’s missing. Good storytelling will make the difference and we know how to do it. We will make sure that every abstract idea becomes visual and clear.

With our technique nobody has to invest in abstract promises or demands. This way of working means that you won’t end up with something that you don’t feel good about. A good story will make people love the subject.





Our storyboard options

A sketchy version to map out your story flow. For use in teams or to make some text visual. We recommend other options for if you work with investors, but it works fine!
A pencil version for if you want to clear things up but don’t need it to be to neat. Works well with a greyscale finish to give it something extra. A solid option.
The most populair option. Nice drawings with inked lines. This will clear everything up and communicate what’s going to happen to your team and your clients.
The most detailed version we offer. A storyboard that looks more like a comic book with nice inking. Fore special high end occasions only, or if you like everything to be perfect.
Make the images shine with a greyscale or full color finish. This can be very good when working with special lighting or to sway some important people who are going to invest in your idea.




There is more. We are sure!


What about everything around the concept? How to make the most of it? how to make sure it sticks or that the right people are enthusiastic about it? Maybe it should be a part of something bigger than what’s in front of you, we think big, until we find that small part that works for you.

Thinking about the possibilities around your idea is worth the effort. Great things can come from it. We know how to see the bigger picture and can help you to discover the true extent of your idea.