Time to create reality


This is creating without limits, everything is possible in animation.


The best reality you can buy is a great video. To present anything through a lens.


Good visuals will make you stand out of the crowd. A way to extend your branding.


The word explains it perfectly, interact with your audience through smart design.


Tell anything? Sure!


Animation could very well be the best way to explain or show what you want, people process images so much faster than words. Also, everything is possible in animation.

Animation comes in different shapes and sizes. There are to many possibilities but most of the time we see that clients don’t even know what’s possible. We can explain.

When we start a project based around animation we will walk you through the possibilities and costs. Some techniques are way more affordable than others but sometimes you just want that special result.


Often representing abstract shapes and forms, this type of animation can be distinguished from typical animation because it’s not necessarily story or character driven. However, it’s perfectly usable to explain difficult subjects in a very easy style. This type of animation becomes great through it’s timing and details.


Creating the illusion of emotion, personality and thought through drawn characters is a special part of animation. You could say that the animator is actually the actor in this process. The characters are often rigged with a bone structure and controllers. Of course, this type of animation is great to add a human factor or face to any type of story.


This is what we call traditional animation, and it is. Before the use of computers, each frame was drawn by hand. This is a very time consuming method but has it’s own style and possibilities. With the help of computers we can replicate this process a little bit faster because of handy tools. This style is exceptional..


Touching, up close, real..


Video has been here for quite some time and will stay for sure. It has a magical talent for getting attention. Who doesn’t like a good movie? The combination of sophisticated pre-production, storytelling and camerawork won’t fail to impress you, or others.

We work with the right crew to make sure that it’s done right. Of course, our animation knowledge is perfect to extend our video work with impressive effects.


The addition of effects on video can be stunning. This can be subtle, like a background replacement or a little motion graphic to point out some information but it could be grand as well. Think about the holograms, fantasy landscapes and visual illusions you see in movies. So, what would you like to watch today?


No doodles.

When we are working on ideas we make them visual, when we create concepts we create concept art, when we write scripts we draw storyboards. We do this because it works and makes the process very detailed and clear to everyone.

Projects can look amazing with the right art style so we create our visuals with care. Not everyone knows how to do this, let us fill in that gap. Problem solved.


The next step.

When the call for action asks for something we can design, it’s a smart move to think about this option. Maybe your video’s should be part of something bigger. An internal platform to inspire your employees or a way to provide a shopping page with product video’s to improve sales and click through rates.

Now, we say video a lot but it could be something else to. Like an original app or website that will make sure that your thing is represented as it should be.

We work with some very innovative programmers who will deliver what’s needed and more. They provide a lot of possibilities and solutions, just like we do on our part.