What Anglure could do for you

Anglure can write and draw what you want to express. We will make sure that every abstract idea becomes visual and clear. With our technique nobody has to invest in abstract concepts, promises or demands.

This way of working means that you won’t end up with something that you don’t feel good about. We believe in timeless technique, making something that never goes out of style. A good story.



The core of a subject, shaped into a strong message. We can come up with it or help you create your own.



Believe it or not, most of the time this is the missing link. Good storytelling will make the difference, we know how to do it right. 


Concept art

Not everybody with a great idea can imagine or communicate a visual style with a concept. Let us fill in that gap, problem solved.



Seeing a story both visually and chronological can clear things up, A good storyboard will save you and your team a considerable amount of time.



A good visual will do a lot of work for you. It can replace a lot of words and effort. They just work.



Everything is possible in animation. Add a great style or technique and you’re looking at a very exclusive piece of work.


Who doesn’t like a good movie? Nice shots, good storytelling, impressive effects and beautiful audio will not fail to impress you, or others.


We have big ideas
Luke Looijen

Luke Looijen

Producer - Art Director

“This is what we are going to create.” He knows the right solution to fit your project and can tell you how Anglure will bring it to life.

Jesse van Leur

Jesse van Leur

Producer - Director

“Is this what you are looking for?” He will make sure that Anglure knows exactly what your wishes are and how you like to work.


Get in touch with us: +31 (0)6-345 755 15
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